Silk Cotton

With its delicious blend of fine cotton and lush silk, this sumptuous fabric will add a touch of luxury to both your wardrobe and home décor. Light and delicate, its surface feels as soft as silk but its thick, flowing drape adds durability. Doused in a subtle shimmer, pale colours shine in silky allure while silver and gold flourishes are enhanced luxuriously to a rich lustre. Its shimmering texture captures the depth of darker colours, making any shading thick and luscious.

This soft, supple fabric lies gently against the skin with a graceful touch and is perfect for sophisticated dress shirts and light blouses. Straight-leg trousers in lightweight silk cotton are comfortable and refined, while its billowy drape is ideal for simple, chic-elegant harem pants with soft pleats.

For soft, summery sleepwear, pyjamas made from this silk cotton fabric will mean you snooze in luxury, and matching pillow cases whisper satiny sweet nothings as it caresses your cheek.

With this lustrous silk and cotton blend you can create neck scarves for a flourish of vintage chic, while pocket handkerchiefs offer a delicate softness for even the most sensitive skin. This silk cotton fabric looks fantastic fitted around a diary or clutch with retro style prints, or you can add a pop to any outfit with shimmering silk button coverings.