Viscose Jersey

A gorgeously soft jersey fabric with a rich, luscious feel and flowing drape. Although not at all glossy, this viscose jersey has an incredibly creamy soft, touchable surface that feels wonderful against the skin. Its smooth warmth is almost velvety and design details appear clear and sharp against its matte surface.

Known for its all-season comfort, this lush fabric is ideal for a variety of fashionable looks. Its deliciously bouncy thickness adds a slight swing to any drape, letting dresses fall in soft, tumbling ripples that brush against the skin. One piece rompers will cause a splash of poolside glamour with chic, vintage designs set against this cool and comfy fabric.

For the cooler months, leggings and long sleeve tops will add a touch of warm lushness to your wardrobe. Take advantage of its wonderfully soft stretch to create figure-hugging tops with a relaxed and cosy touch, or add a fun pop of flashy retro patterning to your pockets and jean turn-ups.

Stretchy, warm and cosy, this viscose jersey is ideal for children’s clothing or to keep you snug with soft pyjamas and lounge wear. Cushions will lure you towards them with their bouncy softness, while iPhones and iPads can also benefit from this gorgeous fabric with a stylish case makeover.