This is a wonderfully soft, light fabric with a crinkly crepe-like texture and its overall sheer illusion. Holly georgette drapes beautifully, seeming to move on its own with a slow, gentle ripple. Its softly grainy texture makes lighter colours shimmer and creates a beautiful, rich shading.

With its playful flowing drape, holly georgette is ideal for adding a swingy punch to effortlessly breezy blouses and flowing dresses will look as light as air. Its graceful, floaty quality is ideal for layering to create soft, flowing silhouettes. Shirred detailing will sculpt the bodice for a sophisticated evening look and you can add sheer tulle or swingy bell sleeves for a dramatic, graceful finish.

For a more casual look, this fabric is perfect for effortlessly chic Boho skirts and pleated summer dresses that move in a soft ripple as you glide past the pool. Light and fresh, you’ll barely feel georgette lingerie against your skin and gathers of this gauzy, semi-sheer fabric can create flowing nightgowns and chemises for an evening of indulgence.

Add a touch of poise to any outfit with a shawl or pashmina that will flow around you, fluttering softly in the breeze. Wispy georgette scarves will transform everyday outfits with soft floral colours or striking electric prints. Delicate drapes add style and texture to your home, screening your windows discreetly with elegance. They create a luxurious, billowing effect when windows are open, letting the outside into your room.