A buttery soft silk fabric originally from Japan, this exotic habotai is supple and graceful with a medium weight. Soft, lustrous and silky smooth, it has a classic luxury feel to it. Barely noticeable against skin, it is light as a feather as it brushes against you with a sweet and tender touch.

With silky habotai cushions or headrest covers and bedding, you can sleep in hotel style luxury every night. Its creamy drape feels wonderful against your skin and its surface shimmers with a sumptuous, alluring finish. Light habotai curtains douse rooms playfully in dancing colour and light, and you can drape your table in instant luxury with an elegant tablecloth that looks imported from exotic silk bazaars.

Beautiful, soft flowing scarves and shawls are ideal for a chic summer style with bright colours and cool charm. Light blouses appear luscious in softly muted prints or add an exotic flair with vibrant designs that almost glow in the light. Habotai shirts offer a tailored staple for both work and play, and you can enjoy understated sensibility with classic silk camis and shorts.

Once made for silk kimonos, you can recreate this exotic tradition with an intriguing Oriental design choice. Add a flourish of silky glamour to your outfit with habotai cuffs and jean trimmings, or create soft pocket squares and cravats. Ideal for lingerie, its super soft and smooth texture is gentle against skin and creates a stunning, delicate look that shimmers with colour.