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Glamorous Spiderweb

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Repeat size 4in x4in

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A unique, darkly elegant design weaves an air of mystery into its golden web of pearls, as delicate as a vintage glass brooch.

Draped across a striking, ash grey backdrop, this glistening web weaves and falls like the intricate lacing of a hand stitched design. Adorned with mystical spiders, their bodies shimmer like pale, luminous moons. Their legs fan out in contrasting patterns to the pearly web, adding delightful complexity to a truly alluring web.

This design has the feel of a long-lost treasure, saved against time in a vintage jewellery box with the spiders' mottled ivory bodies and its web of golden pearls. The entire illustration seems embellished with a frosted finish, bejewelled with silvery drops of dew and snow like gemstones.